It has been said that there is more than one way to skin a cat, but we only recommend that they're kept indoors. There are nearly as many ways to support the mission and goals of the Tippecanoe Audubon Society, some of which can be done passively as part of your everyday shopping. 

Friends of Tippe

The best way to support the Tippecanoe Audubon Society and the work that we do to restore and maintain habitat at our sactuaries and promote educational opportunities across Northern Indiana is to become a Friend of Tippe.


Click here to join as a Friend of Tippe and your membership will renew automatically each year. Annual dues are only $30.

Any amount

Click here to send an unrestricted one-time gift in any amount.

The Tippecanoe Audubon Society does receive a small portion of dues paid to the National Audubon Society, but not nearly enough to support all we do. As a Friend of Tippe, your entire contribution will stay with our chapter and will help support our preserves, the publication of the newsletter and help bring presenters to our program meetings.


Membership form

If you prefer a more analog way of supporting our chapter, you can print this membership form, fill it out and mail it to us. 

Flory-Gemmer Marsh restoration

In 2008, TAS undertook a large-scale restoration of a emergent marsh outside of Liberty Mills, Indiana. We continue to manage invasive species as hydrologic processes and native vegetation are reestablished. 

Click here to donate an amount specifically for restoration and management at the Flory-Gemmer Marsh.

Thanks to the Wabash Community Foundation for continuing support of our restoration at Flory-Gemmer Marsh.

Click the Kroger logo to learn how to link your Shopper's Card to our organization. You can search for "Tippecanoe Audubon Society" or use our code: PU403.

The Tippecanoe Audubon Society is a Chapter of National Audubon Society, Inc.