Flory-Gemmer Woods

The Flory-Gemmer Woods Nature Preserve consists of about 20 acres of land that was once part of the Samuel Flory farm and homestead. Samuel's daughter, Myrna and her husband Robert Gemmer donated the land to Tippecanoe Audubon Society in 1994. Flory-Gemmer Woods is a place where you can find what is probably the largest ironwood tree in Wabash County (naturally uprooted in 2018). An impressively large landmark sugar maple qualifies as being the true patriarch of the preserve.

July and August gives bloom to tens of thousands of wild bergamot flowers in the old field. During the winter months, hawthorn trees provide valuable food for wildlife. Some resident and migrant species found at the preserve include: Yellow-breasted Chat, Eastern Towhee, Red-tailed Hawk, Northern Cardinal, Orioles, Vireos, Warblers, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers. A current list of all species observed here can be found on eBird.

There is also an abundance of black berries, black raspberries, milkweed, thistles, grasses, goldenrod and ironweed. Multiflora rose was introduced many years ago as a "living fence" before people realized what a nuisance this plant becomes. The TAS has taken steps to eradicate this plant and is continually fighting the spread of garlic mustard.